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Specify Order of Output in Gallery App Results

When posting an app to the Gallery, if the app has, say, one PCXML output for the user to see, and one Excel file for the user to download, it would be helpful for to be able to specify which shows first to the user.  For example, I have a PCXML that gives the user summary tables, and instructions on how to go to the drop down above and select the second report, click on the Excel icon, and download it.  But if the Excel report shows up first, then there is no ability to give them instructions and many simply won't be savy enough to go find the PCXML in the drop down.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Thanks @APolly !

Status changed to: Under Review

Changing the status based on @APolly working to get this prioritized



6 - Meteoroid

Really wish this could be added.  It would help with my reporting so much.