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Server Admin to view All Scheduled Workflow Results

As the Server Admin I'd like to have the ability to view ALL "Workflow Results" for all Subscriptions.This will give the highest level admin the ability to monitor all schedules (on the entire server instance) and monitor if they are unable to complete successfully (example- unable to allocate memory) and any other errors are occurring. 


Knowing this information will help the server administrator understand if there are issues with the server itself (e.g. if we need more workers or to simply adjust actual server system settings..etc..)





Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you for contributing to the Alteryx Community! This idea was accepted as something we are working on for the product. We'll update this idea again once we get close to fully implementing the idea.

7 - Meteor

I would also like users to see workflows run history visible to all users which are  shared via collections. Currently only way other can view run history is if they are part of same studio. Since user is can be part of only one studio and with companies with many teams, it is not possible always to switch back and forth between studio.


It makes collaboration more tough . 

6 - Meteoroid

Great idea, the only additional feature that we desperately need is the ability for server administrators and curators to see not only schedules and results of scheduled jobs, but also results of manually launched jobs. Currently its possible to check this only upon getting data from database, which is quite inconvenient.


We have few people that are responsible for reports delivery and in case of failures they need to check workflow and run job manually, however, other colleagues are not aware that this report was already checked and delivered, so duplicated tasks are being launched.

11 - Bolide

I agree with all of you. We should be able to see workflow results without using the "Alteryx Server Usage Report" (

6 - Meteoroid

It's actually pretty outrageous this is an ask. How can an 'admin' not have access to view all workflows that have run and their history. It's a huge miss on the setup of this whole app.

7 - Meteor

Looking forward to seeing this one implemented soon.  It's tedious to add yourself to a user's subscription before you can see their workflow info.