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Server Admin to view All Scheduled Workflow Results

As the Server Admin I'd like to have the ability to view ALL "Workflow Results" for all Subscriptions.This will give the highest level admin the ability to monitor all schedules (on the entire server instance) and monitor if they are unable to complete successfully (example- unable to allocate memory) and any other errors are occurring. 


Knowing this information will help the server administrator understand if there are issues with the server itself (e.g. if we need more workers or to simply adjust actual server system settings..etc..)






I second this request.  Additionally, I need all artisan/members of a given subscription to be able to view workflow results and schedules of all workflows in their subscription.  


The current design does not lend itself well to scaling Alteryx Server across a larger organization.


Within an Enterprise, where you multiple Departments, and each Department having a collection, and members being part of this Departmental Collection, would like to see Workflow Results of all scheduled workflows within that particular Collection, and also see schedules, and edit schedules etc.. within that single collection. This would help when a person is out on vacation, or a person leaves the organization.

Yes, I would like to agree with the above comments. This would be a very helpful feature at all levels.

+1 -- Need Server Admin to be able to see workflow results