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Scheduling Workflows to run on Business Days

Currently when scheduling workflows, there is an option to schedule based on the calendar day but not on business day. For example, if I want to run a workflow on Business Day 1 of every month, it is not necessarily the first day of every Month. For the month of June 2019, Business Day 1 is June 3rd, since the 1st and 2nd fall on the weekend. Many departments run their processes on Business Days rather than Calendar days. Also factoring Holidays into consideration would be a plus since January 1st for example is a Holiday, Business Day 1 would fall on the 2nd.

6 - Meteoroid

As different regions and different businesses observe different holidays/closures, it seems like we should be able to point the scheduler to a file when creating a "business day only" schedule. For instance, I'd be happy if Alteryx Admins said we needed to create our own custom calendar with specific requirements such as:


  1. Has to be a YXDB or some other Alteryx-native file for the interface to read
  2. Column names dictated by Alteryx - Again, a requirement like this would make sense so the interface could work
  3. Keys to identify business vs. non-business days so the interface could identify the difference
  4. Maybe a field that defines the nth business day of the month so it can be chosen from the interface and the scheduler has a definition to see if today is that nth day
  5. Date formatting per Alteryx - yyyymmdd or whatever format the scheduler could use

What I could see my business doing is running a job that refreshes that calendar to keep it up to date (no pun intended) as holidays or closures change.