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Schedule Configured Analytic Apps

I've seen various solutions/workarounds but this seems to be a table-stakes ask?  When scheduling a workflow I should be able to specify which parameter values to run with.  Just two of many use case examples - 

Use case #1 - a single analytic app could be scheduled multiple times, each schedule specifying a different line of business

Use case #2 - credentials, allow the user to schedule a workflow with their saved credentials.  When their credentials change all they would have to do is update the schedule parameters


(If you know a better way I'm all ears, not the API thought that isn't a bad way to do it, just not super Easy)

6-25-2020 5-39-35 PM.png

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Such a great idea!!!

11 - Bolide

A feature like this to allow the user to answer app questions when scheduling would be very beneficial.  Allows the usert to schedule a run for market A on X date, market B on Y date, and market C on Z date.

5 - Atom

We implemented the Analytic chained apps and it got linked all the child chained apps properly. From Alteryx Gallery,  if we  trigger manually It executed all the child analytic chained apps properly.  But we scheduled the main  Analytic app, Only the first app is running and ignoring to execute the linked analytic chained apps.


It would be a very great feature to have the Analytic chained app scheduling. 


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

We have multiple clients asking for this same functionality 😅

Of course, you can create multiple apps or workflows to do it, but you would lose a centralized way of checking everything that is going on with the app and also would facilitate any updates to the workflow.

7 - Meteor

I would love this feature, it will solve a lot of problems and enhance the usage of the gallery!

8 - Asteroid
Status changed to: Under Review