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Request a means to disable sharing options of workflows/content

In the interest of information and system security, would it be possible to provide a means to remove social media and email sharing options (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) from the SHARING drop down menus, such as through a configurable setting in the RuntimeSettings.xml file?


Currently there is no means (confirmed by Alteryx tech support) to remove these options from the sharing menu.  Sharing within the system can be controlled somewhat by controlling access to the system or specific output locations.Once the info leaves the system, there is no longer any means of control.


Providing a configurable option will allow locations to tailor to their specific needs.


Has this been resolved, or is there a workaround?

We are setting up Alteryx Server for our company and as an admin I would like to disable this feature as well. So, bump, has this been resolved or is there a workaround?

Tech support identified a javascript file that can be edited manually, commenting out the options from the SHARING menu.


I don't know why this hasn't been made public in the interest of info security.  Hopefully someone will catch this and provide the steps needed.


@KJennings  (also @DannyD @cpanfil )


Alteryx does not currently support the workaround you mention, so we have not published it.  I do encourage you to get your colleagues to star your original post and express their need in the comments.