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Rename Workflows and Apps From Gallery

The ability to select a workflow or app within the Gallery web interface and change its name. This would maintain its historical run data, version control revisions, placement in collections, etc. 


Use case: As a workflow or app continues to be developed over time, the name may need a revision to continue reflecting the workflow's function. 


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A basic functionality which is missing from Alteryx --- I'd like the ability to rename a workflow once I've saved it to server.



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@gtaramasso thanks for the great feedback.  We'll definitely keep this in mind as a simple and useful future enhancement to the management of published workflows in the Gallery.  Thank you again and keep the great feedback coming!




Yes, please! Deleting and re-uploading a workflow or an app under a different name means that we loose all previous results, all stored versions of a workflow and settings related to the workflow. Simply renaming it would be much more convenient. Is this on the roadmap already?


Glad to see other users would link the same as me. I would strongly support the introduction of such a process .

Yes. I would like that feature as well. Thanks!



That would be very helpful to us as well.


+1 Would like to see this feature as well.



+1 Would like to see this feature as well.



I found a way to resolve this which thankfully preserves the run history.

  1. In Designer, open the existing workflow from gallery
  2. Save As > same gallery > new name
  3. Back in gallery, go to the OLD workflow
  4. Select "Replace Workflow", and select the NEW workflow, then OK

Now the workflow exists with the new name, but with the old history preserved.


Also, if you had any schedule(s) attached and didn't give the schedule a name (usual case), the schedule will have the older name as its title.  To rename the schedule:

  1. Go to Schedules in gallery and find the schedule(s) in question for this workflow
  2. Click the edit icon beside the schedule in question, and re-title the schedule (or remove the title altogether)
Status changed to: Under Review

Updating this idea's status back to Under Review, to be in line with past product updates.