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Rename Workflows and Apps From Gallery

The ability to select a workflow or app within the Gallery web interface and change its name. This would maintain its historical run data, version control revisions, placement in collections, etc. 


Use case: As a workflow or app continues to be developed over time, the name may need a revision to continue reflecting the workflow's function. 


Best regards,


8 - Asteroid


I also endorse this request to be be able to rename workflows. I would also like to be able to "Save As" a new workflow over another workflow in the gallery. Of course also retaining version control. At the moment, the saving just creates a file with an identical name.

It has been some time since this was accepted. Has it been implemented?

6 - Meteoroid


I also endorse this request to be be able to rename workflows. This really needs to be implemented.


Unfortunately I can't even always use the workaround that @@ troyfurnace7 detailed. Often when you click Replace Workflow it shows a list of only a few workflows to select. This list usually does not include the actual workflow needed. This has always seemed like a bug.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review
5 - Atom

Hello Team,


One quick question. Can we disable the Rename and Delete functionality from workflow result tab in alteryx gallery? 





5 - Atom

Please add this basic functionality

16 - Nebula

This is a must have.