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Public Gallery: Subscribe to be notified of changes to assets

For professional alteryx admins - it is important to know if a particular asset has been updated (so that we can bring the updated version into our env), with some idea of release notes so that we can understand if the update breaks backward compatibiity and what has been changed.


Additionally - it would be very helpful for admins to be able to be notified of new assets created by particular authors whom I trust.


This would really be helpful on the author side as well.

I recently published some macros as a part of my Inspire 19 presentation. I later found a critical bug in one of them and published an updated version.

I really wish there was a way that the people who had already downloaded the macro could have subscribed to the macro (or had a default of being notified of future updates) so that they could have been alerted to the updated version.

Status changed to: Comments Requested

Hey @SeanAdams and @Hollingsworth ,

When you say "with some idea of release notes", how does that look to you? I could see this going really simple or really complex and was wondering what your ideal looks like.




I'd say a really simple version would serve my needs. Just some descriptive text that accompanies each version telling what got fixed and more importantly any considerations the user needs to make based on the changes that were made.

But then again, I'm not sure what 'really complex' would look like.

Lastly, thanks for your prompt action to my reply. It shows that your team is taking a much more assertive approach to managing the Ideas on Community. That really makes a huge difference to me in terms of how much energy I invest in submitting them.


A "really complex" version could be something where, for example, you could create a custom form with mandatory inputs. But it sounds like something as simple as "text box like svn during commit" meets what you're looking for.


You're welcome! I'm also trying to get through the 250+ ideas that have been sitting waiting for attention, so no promises on immediacy. But I appreciate that people care about the product, and the best way to show that is to actually listen, even if you don't get what you ask for. 😄