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Multi-Forest as well as Multi-Domain support for Windows authentication

We have several clients that operate in a Multi-Forest environment due to mergers and acquisitions.  Currently with Alteryx Server the only option we can offer them is to use Built-In authentication.  A lot of corporate and particularly finance institutions prefer a single sign on approach and utilise Windows authentication to do this.


Would it be possible to add support for Multi-Forest organisations into Server to support organisations going through mergers and acquisitions?


This would really benefit us in selling Server in to organisations with complex structures and reduce friction in publishing or preparing workflows.

7 - Meteor

Thank you so much for the great follow-up @NicoleJohnson ! We now have a few extra paths to explore, so fingers crossed!

6 - Meteoroid

With large organizations, this is becoming a demanding feature.  We have a similar problem in our place.  For time being we are using the workaround mentioned by @ NicoleJohnson.  But we are planning to upgrade.  We may lose this feature after you onboard a new project with this approach.  I request Alteryx to consider this requirement again. 


This won't help unless the user has an account in the same domain as the Gallery, but you might try this workaround.

11 - Bolide

I'm adding my name to the chorus here. Especially because on 2020.4, an environment where the UI button for sharing with Studios has been removed, we effectively have no way of sharing content other than modifying the MongoDB directly. 

11 - Bolide

Agreed, this would be really helpful for us if Alteryx is coming up with a multi-forest & multi-domain support feature.  😎