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Gallery: Allow a team to see each others' schedules and run history

I have three team members all in the same private studio. We can see each others' workflows. However, when looking at a workflow that another team member has published to the gallery, it looks like:

  1. The workflow has never been run
  2. The workflow is not scheduled to run

This is a massive impediment to collaboration because my team handles ETL for most of the company. If a user complains that their data isn't up to date, whoever receives that support ticket needs to be able to see if the workflow is actually running and whether it was successful or had an error during the last run.

Preventing a team from seeing this for each others' workflow schedules and results means that the only person who can deal with an issue is the person who originally made the workflow. Which makes the idea of a shared private studio wholly pointless as we may as well be operating in different universes.


Please create a studio-level setting where all members of a studio can see all schedules and results of all workflows in that studio.

6 - Meteoroid

This is a very basic requirement for platform admins as well as for developers. Alteryx should focus more on platform monitoring and its usage. Admins should have full control over things like seeing other gallery and accessing workflows.

7 - Meteor

I thought this is a very basic requirement and Alteryx had done it already but it seems like this is not the case.

Can you guys implement this idea and push it to the production, please?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Implemented

Hey all! Sorry the status of this wasn't set. This was implemented in 2018.4 as a studio level option. If you can, check out that version (or work with your admins to determine if upgrading is viable) and let us know what you think of the implementation!

5 - Atom

Can you please specify where in the documentation to look?

6 - Meteoroid


We have enabled radio button as yes for  'Shared Schedules Enabled' for private studio. However only results of WF objects are visible, but not able to see the results/schedules of analytical apps.


Can you please suggest on how to enable results of analytics apps to other users in private gallery.


Thanks & Regards,

Haribabu M

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



@Haribabu_Mupppaneni Ensure that users have their individual profile enabled to see schedules. Apps and Workflows should both display

6 - Meteoroid

Hi TanyaS,


Thanks for your prompt response.


Can you please mention how to enable users to have individual profile with see schedule option.


I am curator, still I am not able to see execution results of WFs/Apps executed by other users.


Only able to see the schedule of WFs with option of  'Shared Schedules Enabled' for private studio.


Our requirement is to see WFs/Apps execution results by all the members in a studio irrespective of any one user executed the WF/App from the private studio.


Users are able to see results of executions by them, not by other users.


Thanks & Regards,

Haribabu M

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Haribabu_Mupppaneni  I'll run through the full steps for you:

  1. Navigate to the Admin portal.
  2. Go to the Jobs tab.
  3. Set Enable users to schedules workflows to Yes.
  4. Go to the Users tab.
  5. For each user you want to be able to see schedules, go to the Profile and set Schedule Jobs to Yes. Be sure to Save.
  6. Go to the Subscriptions tab.
  7. For each subscription you want to be able to see schedules, go to the Subscription and set Shared Schedules Enabled to Yes. Be sure to Save.


At this point, users should be able to use the User View to navigate to the Workflow Results tab and see Jobs shared with me, or they can navigate to the Schedules tab and see schedules from the studio, regardless of workflow owner.


Hope this helps get you set up. Also, the complexity of the process is well understood, and we're working to improve on it. If you could let me know which steps specifically were not clear, that would be really helpful!



6 - Meteoroid

Dear TanyaS,


Thanks for the details provided.

The mentioned settings are already in-place in our system.


Still we are not able to see the WF/App execution results executed by other users in the same subscription.

We are able to see the schedules(in schedules tab) and results of schedules (workflow results->jobs shared with me).


But, we want to enable to display the WF results which are executed by individual users to other users in the same subscription. With this before executing a particular WF/App by a user, they have to check same was already executed by any other user or not.


Note: We have tried by enabling the check box 'Others may view this workflow's history' in workflow settings, still no luck.


Can you please suggest, how to enable same.


Thanks & Regards,

Haribabu M

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Haribabu_Mupppaneni I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish. Perhaps if you reach out to support, they'll be able to help.