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Gallery: Allow a team to see each others' schedules and run history

I have three team members all in the same private studio. We can see each others' workflows. However, when looking at a workflow that another team member has published to the gallery, it looks like:

  1. The workflow has never been run
  2. The workflow is not scheduled to run

This is a massive impediment to collaboration because my team handles ETL for most of the company. If a user complains that their data isn't up to date, whoever receives that support ticket needs to be able to see if the workflow is actually running and whether it was successful or had an error during the last run.

Preventing a team from seeing this for each others' workflow schedules and results means that the only person who can deal with an issue is the person who originally made the workflow. Which makes the idea of a shared private studio wholly pointless as we may as well be operating in different universes.


Please create a studio-level setting where all members of a studio can see all schedules and results of all workflows in that studio.


This is a very basic requirement for platform admins as well as for developers. Alteryx should focus more on platform monitoring and its usage. Admins should have full control over things like seeing other gallery and accessing workflows.


I thought this is a very basic requirement and Alteryx had done it already but it seems like this is not the case.

Can you guys implement this idea and push it to the production, please?

Status changed to: Implemented

Hey all! Sorry the status of this wasn't set. This was implemented in 2018.4 as a studio level option. If you can, check out that version (or work with your admins to determine if upgrading is viable) and let us know what you think of the implementation!


Can you please specify where in the documentation to look?