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Enable Scheduler to read SharePoint Excel files

Many people maintain valuable information in Excel files, and many organizations, like ours, also use SharePoint to store and share structured and unstructured information. We see most user-generated and maintained data in Excel files in SharePoint document libraries, and one of the great benefits of Alteryx is the ability to join that Excel data with other data sources.  Unfortunately, the v11.0 Scheduler cannot resolve the UNC-style ( \\server@ssl\DavWWWRoot\site-name\document-library\filename ) addresses, so workflows that access this valuable SharePoint Excel data must be run manually. The SharePoint List Input tool can read the list-style metadata for Document Library files, but does not access the file content.

The Scheduler should be enhanced so that scheduled workflows can read Excel data stored in SharePoint Document Libraries. 

11 - Bolide

+1 for this functionality.


We have a very similar problem. Our Alteryx Scheduler/Worker throws a File not found error when running a scheduled workflow that involves an Excel file in a SharePoint folder, even though that same workflow runs flawlessly when done manually.

5 - Atom

This needs to be supported

7 - Meteor

This is a common use case shared amongst many enterprises based on previous interactions.

5 - Atom

This would be great! Has this been incorporated yet?

7 - Meteor

Have run into this exact problem today, workflow accesses a file on a sharepoint, workflow runs fine in Designer but returns an error. (redacted below)


Invalid Directory "\\\DavWWWRoot\sites\xxxxxxxxxxx\Shared Documents\*.xlsx": The network path was not found. (53)

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Thank you for posting to the Community! I'm updating this idea to not planned, as unfortunately this issue is outside of Alteryx's control. The source of this issue is due to a Windows limitation that causes Server to be unable to input information into the related dynamic Windows pop-up. Windows would need to update how their pop-up behaves to accept Server input to correct this issue.

8 - Asteroid

+1 for this functionality.


My team has a very similar problem. Our Alteryx Scheduler/Worker throws a Cannot access folder error when running a scheduled workflow that involves an .Hyper/Excel/.csv file in a SharePoint folder as a Input or Output, even though that same workflow runs flawlessly when done manually.


7 - Meteor

Shouldn't the same type of authentication that happens with the SharePoint List tool be possible to get access to files stored in SharePoint?
It seems as though it should be possible for Alteryx to collaborate with Microsoft to solve this integration gap. Perhaps creating another SharePoint tool specifically for connecting to SharePoint files.

7 - Meteor

Another reason that Sharepoint365/OneDrive will not be able to replace network shared drives.  My company was planning to eliminate network shared drives with Sharepoint365/OneDrive, I guess that will not be happening in the near future.  😀

8 - Asteroid

+1 for this functionality. 


SharePoint is a very commonly used tool to data files in many organizations. An ETL or Data Prep tool must support connection with SharePoint seamlessly in any possible ways.