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Disable or Default CSV Encoding Type at Output on Gallery

2019.4+ Server now prompts users to select an Encoding Type when downloading a csv on the gallery. Unfortunately there is no way to disable the prompt of which encoding option to utilize or an ability to select a system default. Please provide these server options as this is causing confusion across departments. 


.csv output.csv output

.yxdb output, csv format.yxdb output, csv format

(many users like the preview provided by yxdb but want excel download)


During development in Designer, when the workflow is configured to output to csv it already has the encoding configured, please provide the option to at least default this at output on the gallery:

.csv config.csv config


The only alternative at this time is to republish all workbooks configured to output .csv or .yxdb to be .xlsx. This is not ideal.


Note: Scheduled jobs are not affected - I tested a scheduled run and csv files were successfully written out to a file share on the server. Content format appears to not be impacted. 



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

This is a most undesirable UX in my opinion.  Most Gallery users in my org are "less-than-very-technical" and are very confused by this.  Hoping it gets modified in quick order.

7 - Meteor

@TanyaS  Please restore back the Default selection. Extra  interaction is creating unnecessary confusion for our end users who earlier just need to click on download button when default file type was defined in output. Looking forward to have this functionality added. 

6 - Meteoroid

Agreed, we should be able to set a default within the workflow.

The file type drop down already knows there is only one option.  

It should at least default to the output already within the workflow output. 


This gives the flexibility intended for the global market while keeping the UX less confusing to the current business consumers of the Gallery.


I can't imagine how many questions I'll get why they couldn't get their file they've always been able to just download. 

Now they're getting failures and often don't know how to get back to the workflow results.


Hopefully this is addressed soon.



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

It's very confusing for our end users. It would be great if we had a default but allowed the user to change it at the time of download. That way my users can just ignore it.

7 - Meteor

Any ETA on this? This is too much of technical for business users to choose encoding type. Please remove this and make it simple.

6 - Meteoroid

Agreed with all of the Above.  It would be great to have a system wide default.  That default value should show up on the interface allowing the users to change.   


With the way it is now,  we get questions from common non-technical users on what this setting needs to be.


On anther note,  Excel is limited as an output option if your data goes above 1 million records.

8 - Asteroid

Hi Alteryx Teams.


Do you have any update in this?  We have 2020.4 server version and almost 100 users to leverage self-service solutions to download the data but this is making them opt for another alternative.



8 - Asteroid

Adding onto the requests for an update or ETA on this. 


This has been in accepted status for a while, so we decided to upgrade and try to train our users on what option to select, and were wildly unsuccessful. We have hundreds of non-technical users across multiple divisions and after weeks of receiving panicked emails from users that they couldn't download client-facing output (because they hadn't selected an encoding option), we went back to 2019.3. We also had to start diverting solutions to other systems because we can't utilize the newer features we've been looking for. 


Any update on the ETA on this would be greatly appreciated and would really help us make upcoming business decisions that this affects.


And as always, Thank you for everything you all do and prioritizing the voice of the customer so much!  

9 - Comet

Is there an eta on this additional functionality? This would greatly enhance the user experience for apps at my company. 

7 - Meteor

Please fix!