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Dead man's switch on aged jobs

One of the issues that we have with Alteryx jobs in prod (and also Tableau, coincidentally) is that often a canvas is built to serve a need at the time, but after a while it's no-longer needed but it continues to run and consume server resources.


Can we add the option to our server environment to request recertification that a particular job is still needed every X months.

This will achieve 2 useful purposes:

- if the job is no-longer needed then the user hits "No thank you" and it's then taken off the scheduler which reduces server loads

- Alternatively - the user may realize that this should have been handed over to a new team or owner, and they can then make this change based on the recertification prompt.


I'm pretty certain that this would help to manage the inevitable build-up that happens on server environments where jobs build up until the server starts thrashing and the admin team then need to go out to all the users to do this recert process manually.



CC:  @rijuthav@jithinmony@HengHe@RajK@ydmuley@revathi@Deeksha@MPistone@Ari_Fuller@Arianna_Fuller@JoshKushner@samN@avinashbonu@Sunder_Sriram@Rahul_Thakur@Rahul_Singh

7 - Meteor

@SeanAdams - Really like the "confirm owner". Would help with production jobs of individuals who have switched roles and the maintenance of metadata.

7 - Meteor

@SeanAdams  This would be very useful indeed!   Would   not only prevent   a lot   of   unused  canvases  from consuming the   resources   but also   ensure accountability   of the   workflows   being run. 

11 - Bolide
+1 this would greatly enhance the product..
8 - Asteroid

+ 1 this would be a huge benefit for the product teams  - Right ownership, server utilization only by active canvases, automated governance , and act as a reminder for canvas owners to review the process and stakeholders . 

12 - Quasar

I agree. This would significantly enhance the product both to reduce avoidable load on the Server and enhance canvas management

6 - Meteoroid

Thinking about this in the experience of the users, I think you could run the risk that the user doesn't fully understand the implications of the canvas that may have been built for them & decomm it inadvertently. Some form of approval process (perhaps 2 step) could alleviate this if this solution was in place.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepted

Thank you for your idea! We're currently working on implemented this idea into the product for a future release. We'll update this idea again once we get closer to the release of this feature.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

@SeanAdams  Glad to see this feature being accepted!