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DSN-less connections for InDB

Currently the InDB tools require to select a DSN that is defined on your computer.


This makes any workflow which uses a DSN incredibly painful to deploy to the server, since the DSN needs to be created on every worker node and for a large server environment this can  mean creating DSN entries on 6+ worker nodes in prod plus prod server plus dev/UAT environment plus dev/UAT worker nodes.


Could we please change the InDB tools to default to DSN-less connections, where the connection persists the connection details in-line so that it can deploy to the server without a DSN setup (since all connection details are contained within the connection string)?


Thank you


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Couldn't agree more. This is extremely important for us as the DSN restricts our ability to share and productionize any canvas with an In-DB tool.


A solution to share and publish files with In-DB connections is to embed an .indbc file in the canvas.

Thanks to @Claje for the insight!


That being said, I still very much support this idea as the ability to use a DSN-less connection is more intuitive.


How to Create an Alteryx In-DB Connection File