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Configuration to set the Timeout of a manual running job in the server side


We would like to have the option to configure the timeout of the manual running jobs, as already exists for the schedule jobs.



8 - Asteroid

Would really like to have this implemented!

8 - Asteroid

Any update on implementing this solution? This would be very helpful!

7 - Meteor

Not yet @AmandaH. Would be very helpful to have this setting but I am not aware about the development state.



8 - Asteroid

Desperately needed as we segregate our work utilizing worker tags where one of our worker tags has an aggressive time out setting but that doesn't help when it is a manual run that is not subject to timeout.

6 - Meteoroid

Knowing Alteryx server licensing is CPU based and recommendation is for running Available CPU/2 consecutive jobs this feature is a must have. We'd all appreciate it if Alteryx product team can take a note of this and deliver this feature sooner than later.

7 - Meteor

Must have!!


Hi all!


We are currently looking into this for a near term future release. I would love to get some clarification on the following questions:


  1. Is the timeout period of scheduled jobs different from manual jobs? Can you give me some examples of why you might need different settings?
  2. Is this timeout period something that you envision changing frequently? What situation can you think of that would trigger a need to adjust your timeout period? Is this for scheduled as well? or just manual jobs?
  3.  Would you need this timeout period to be set on a workflow by workflow basis? 


We would love to hear your feedback. Please go ahead and comment on here if you have any thoughts.

11 - Bolide

Hi @laineayx ,


In my opinion and in my context for 1,2,3 this could be great to have but not absolutely needed in the first release. 

I appreciate there might be a need to differentiate timeout for manual job being triggered from the gallery than the one being triggered from the api. (which are considered manual right now and is my main are of concern).


I hope this help,




Thanks @NicolasSz


Just to clarify - are you saying that you would like there to be a different timeout for jobs being ran on gallery vs those that are run via APIs? Or are you saying that a timeout just needs to be added for manual runs in general, because some of those "manual" jobs are triggered via API?

5 - Atom

NicolasSZ is saying that highest priority is to allow for limiting manual runs in general, whether initiated from Gallery or API.

This timeout doesn't even need to be a separate setting from the scheduled timeout, but I would label it as such (i.e. Scheduled and Manual Job Timeout:)

The ability to cancel manual jobs needs to be seen as the highest priority, with all the other minor settings as possible later iterations, if really needed at all.