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Collections Administration

As a server administrator, I would like to have more control over collections.  I have a user who is in charge of a collection out of office, and we have some users who need to get to be added to the collection to run workflows.  As admin of the server, I would like to be able to add users to this collection, modify permissions, modify workflows, etc.  This would be necessary both for when users are temporarily out of the office as well as if someone were to leave the company.

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Status changed to: Accepted

We are rethinking the studio structure with collections and will be giving more flexibility to both users and admins. This includes handling the problem when the collection owner is not available and allowing admins more control over all collections.

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Alteryx Certified Partner

+1!. Would really love for alteryx to copy the concept of tableau sites and projects 

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Hi @adrianloong, thanks for the +1 and referencing Tableau. We agree that the concept used in Tableau sites and projects would be very helpful. We are considering this for a future release.


I'm referencing your other post here since that is an example use case this would help with.

Chinese Wall Requirements in regulated environments



When will this be released?  I'm an admin of the server and involved in multiple projects.  Therefore my Private studio consists of workflows that others should not see.  There is no way of me setting up multiple collections across multiple projects without me sharing my private studio and I'm not going to do that as I am only allowed to be part of one Private Studio

It seems counter-intuitive to have a Private Studio that must be shared so that you can share a Collection.  Surely the Collection is to enable the sharing across multiple private studios.


I'm not sure if this could fall under the same suggestion but an admin being able to see the run history of all workflows would be helpful as well. Currently I'm flying blind and can only help users when they reach out to me rather than me being proactive.


I have few questions ,Please provide me the answer for these :-


1) I'm an admin of alteryx server but an artisan created collections in server and now he left the organisation ,is there any way for curator to manage galleries of other artisans

2)If i revoke the permission of user ,what happens with his collection ,is it got deleted .How can i delete the collection of another user with curator access

+1 for this idea.

+ 1



+1 to this idea!


Any update on a release date?


+1 to this idea!