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Central logging tooling

It would be helpful to have a central Logging tool for large & complex environments.


This would be useful to allow teams to have a central way of logging data transformation errors by error-type; severity; alteryx Canvas; etc.

Right now, there's a message tool, but this doesn't provide a way to create well structured central logging across a team; especially once deployed to a server environment.


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@SeanAdams Would really  help  identify   "real issues"  e.g.   some exceptions   may show an error in execution still  generate the expected output file - categorization of error type and severity  would help   in debugging and identifying any potential patterns in  issue types.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

+1 total agree on this one. A lot of requests from IT and business teams to log/monitor this


I posted info on capturing the output log.  I think you will find it useful



Basically once you capture the log data you can parse and transform the content into any form that is meaningful to you and do analysis on it.