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Black out date/time on scheduler

I have tables that I need to run ETL jobs on every 5 mins. But, a batch job runs every day for an hour at the same hour. During that time I can't query the source.
With the current scheduler setup; it appears that my only option would be set up multiple schedules. Each running once a day, and a separate schedule for every 5 minute increment of the day with the exception of the one hour my source can't be touched.
Rather than that degree of hassle, doesn't it make more sense to set up a scheduled with and/or/not criteria?
Run every X minutes on Y days
Except: during %t am - %t am on Z days

I've seen some applications that have a visual scheduler for setting the exception times. That would be pretty cool too.
Bonus points if you can make an admin console for the server which allows the admin to set blackout date/time by table or DSN for all users (override their schedules).
9 - Comet

CRON expressions would meet the need for this idea and be a huge upgrade from existing scheduler capabilities: 

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14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

HA!  Five years and one job later I'm finally getting that thing I needed back in 2016 😁


8 - Asteroid

Do we have an ETA on this?

5 - Atom

Is there an ETA on when this feature will be released?

8 - Asteroid

Is there any update on this feature? I didn't see anything at the Alteryx Conference last week. Is there anyway to be notified when this feature is implemented?