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Alteryx Server Admin's needs User Limits for App Queing.

There should be a way to set limits on Gallery so users are not able to set up to many scheduled apps to run. Currently you can either allow all users to add as many scheduled jobs to the run or none at all. If one user sets up whatever number to run, keeps other users from running their jobs. Either allow Admins to set limits or have server shift jobs around so one user cannot lock a gallery to only run his/her jobs. A combination of both a set limit per user and better job management by gallery should also solve the problem.

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7 - Meteor


This idea should not be discarded, Almost in all solutions where you have an scheduler where users can queue jobs you can set limitations per user, group of users, etc.


Discarding ideas like this one due to community is not showing activity on, it's not the good way of doing things...


I can tell you this type of funtionality would had been really useful in all projects I have been working with Alteryx Server.


Please, consider again to include this idea in your roadmap. It will add value to Alteryx solution.







6 - Meteoroid

Hi Antonio,


The only work around that I have found for this is using tags for server worker nodes and or communicating self-user limits on how many runs a user can setup at once. Being our company’s Alteryx Server admin has exposed a good number of limitations regarding general controls and admin management assets. While, I have been able to find work arounds for some problems; I have not been able to solve all the limitations.