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Allow admins to remove users from Local License Server

We have the Local License Server installed.  Right now, if a Designer user changes roles, or leaves the company, they have to release their license from their client-side machine.  If they don't release it properly, and IT can't get us into their machines, then we have to wait 7 days for that license to roll off the server.  There should be a way for a system admin to forcefully revoke someone's license.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Just seeing if anyone has any "workarounds" without doing anything to the client-side machine? I was hoping the License server would have a feature like this so that I don't have to email fulfillment to obsolete/revoke old licenses. I've only just started testing the licenses server, but I can't think of any way around this limitation.

8 - Asteroid

@patrick_digan after months of testing and messing around we found no good solutions and eventually went back to cloud-based licenses.  This product is still very new and the only reason it was invented was for people who's designers can't get to the internet.  So unless that is you my suggestion would be not to use it until they develop it more.  


I was told that sometime in April they were going to revamp licensing and make it 100 times easier to manage.  We'll see if that pans out.

7 - Meteor

We are also stuggeling with the LLC, which seems to me like a very unfinished product. 


You can revoke all license seats for you LLC and assign them again. This will reset you seat, but affect all you users. 

Plus you cannot see which user is using which key. 


Considering the bug in the LLC, that 1 user on 1 device can occupy mutiple licenses without knowing, I think that Alteryx should finally provide a solution here. 

8 - Asteroid

Totally support this idea  - ability to activate and deactivate license seat in a machine (through command or portal) is very much needed !


  1. Currently we activate the license key in Local License Server. All machines connected to Local License Server activate the license and consume a seat. Ability to activate the license seat in a machine is required either using a command in LLS or through portal for the admins.


  1. To revoke license seat from a specific machine, we would like to deactivate the license seat from our end (using command or portal) & not allow the machine owner to activate the license seat once it has been deactivated by server admins.



@leonhast you can run this command in your Local License Server to identify the machines using your license. 


navigate to : C:/Program Files/Alteryx/LicenseServer/Enterprise

run command : flexnetlsadmin -server http://[servername]:7070 -authorize admin [PassWord] -licenses -verbose


@Kosi @SeanAdams @LizaNemchynova @ydmuley 

5 - Atom

Bumping this up as this is a common issue we see. We see users who occupy more than one license seat because they are logging in to different computers or virtual computers. In some instance we see a single user occupying 5 seats at one time. If there was a way to revoke in LLS similar to cloud, this would great.