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Allow Transfer of Owner from one Workflow to Another by an Admin

I am noticing what I think it's a big gap in terms of turnover and job changes.  Even though you can add workflows to a Collection for development and update purposes. Only the original owner/publisher can see the version history for a workflow. At least that appears to be the case in 2020.1


Is there any discussion for the road map to include a way to transfer the ownership of a workflow from one user to another? this would alleviate the need to publish a brand new version and then reset all the scheduling. 

10 - Fireball

Alteryx says workflow transfers work great - everywhere inside a lab environment in their offices.


@aehrenwo I've given an update on the feature above, but I also wanted to note, the owner of a workflow, or someone who has been given edit access from a collection, can make a workflow's version history available to other users by going into the Workflow Settings and selecting "Others can view this workflow's history." I hope that at least helps a little. As I mentioned, this is a high priority feature for us and we know it is a huge pain point, and we are actively working on solutions. Thank you for your patience and feedback. 

6 - Meteoroid

Liking this idea to prioritizing this feature.

11 - Bolide

I can't believe I still get notifications on this post three years later. :)  I hope I get kudos when this finally goes into a production release lol 

5 - Atom

@aehrenwo well here's another notification for you as I'm going through the same thing right now and was sent this post. Leaving a company as the owner of over 100 workflows and schedules and having to manually save, re-upload under a different account, but then still keep the old workflows for version history purposes is daunting and my time should be spent elsewhere...Not to mention having to re-create each schedule for those new workflows....


How was this not considered before? At a minimum I would've expected my account reps to mention it when we were setting up Alteryx Server to at least warn us that we should consider using service accounts as workflow/schedule owners.

7 - Meteor

I would also love to have this feature!

Attrition rate is always high in tech-world. this will be helpful 

9 - Comet

For those of you still waiting on Alteryx to impliment this, there is an Application that provides this functionality.


Workflow Admin Manager (WAM) from Capitalize Analytics  gives you the ability to identify all workflows by a number of different criteria including owner and then you can bulk change the ownership of those workflows to a new user. It even now has the ability to move over ownership of schedules as well!