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Allow Transfer of Owner from one Workflow to Another by an Admin

I am noticing what I think it's a big gap in terms of turnover and job changes.  Even though you can add workflows to a Collection for development and update purposes. Only the original owner/publisher can see the version history for a workflow. At least that appears to be the case in 2020.1


Is there any discussion for the road map to include a way to transfer the ownership of a workflow from one user to another? this would alleviate the need to publish a brand new version and then reset all the scheduling. 

6 - Meteoroid

It would be nice indeed, especially with future subscription depreciation !
the question is how to move a workflow from one subscription to another while keeping the version and run history.

8 - Asteroid

We need an admin feature that will allow us to select new owners for workflows and schedules. Even better, would be the ability to assign a workflow and schedule to an AD Group, User Group, Private Studio, etc....

7 - Meteor

The ability for a group to own a workflow would be ideal!  if we were able to name a group as an owner on the outset, it would theoretically avoid the whole issue of transferring ownership (almost) completely.


Hi All, 


Thank you for all of the great feedback. We know this feature is very important to you and please know that it is coming. This is a topic that is high on our priority list and it has not been forgotten. We're working to add features as quickly as possible and thank you for your patience as we add all these updates to Server. 



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Status changed to: Coming Soon

Look forward to seeing more asset transfer options coming in 2024. 

7 - Meteor

Linking @MarqueeCrew's idea now that this has been set to coming soon. Asset management within Server by Curators needs to happen sooner rather than later, the workarounds are difficult to implement.


Transfer Gallery to Other Users - Alteryx Community

5 - Atom

We unfortunately are in the phase of cost cutting and a large group of consultants who built a large set of workflows were let go. As an Admin Team manager myself and my team is now working with the couple of business users to change ownership which is very painful and laborious due to a variety of reasons. For a low code/no code solution not having this feature isn't reflecting well and my organization is upset at this lack of feature for Gallery Admins. I'd appreciate if a timeline or a workaround we can live with is shared. My team hasn't logged a support case but most of our answers to the issues we encounter by support point to the community so starting out here. We will log a support case as well.



10 - Fireball

What @ajaykotha rings true across many companies right now. This has become an incredible pain point for many and I'm we're all feeling disappointed that this has taken far too long to implement properly. 

7 - Meteor

Echoing the above, we just had a member of our team transfer to another department and the thought of downloading and reuploading workflows, and losing all that change history is daunting.


Has the dev team considered a short-term solution such as a script that a platform admin could run, even if the end user could not perform the action directly?


7 - Meteor

I am currently leaving my current company and am trying to pass this off. Is this still really not a thing yet?