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Allow Gallery/Server Admin to see ALL schedule results regardless of user

I would like to be able to view all schedule results from all users in my Gallery.  Currently, I can see the "Workflow Results" for any schedules I create.  But I cannot see them for users unless they share them.  As admin, I want an option on the Gallery Admin screen just like there is on the Gallery user screen to see "Workflow Results" for every schedule that is in the Scheduler Database, regardless of who the user shared it with.


Currently, the only way to accomplish this is to go to Designer, View Schedules, connect to the Controller, and go to the Results tab.  This should be built into the Admin screen in the Gallery.

7 - Meteor

There are many things about the product that work fine for individual contributors and sharing with select other individual contributors, but not for a team of people supporting a business area  -  this is a big one for us.

7 - Meteor

Hello Team just re-bumping this .... with the deprecation of the tableau workbook that Alteryx used to ship with Server that pretty much enabled this .... This is now a big gap ... please reconsider product team.

5 - Atom

I am at an organization that has elevated security with Privileged users having to take multiple steps to logon to a server. It would be super beneficial to have this feature (being able to see history of all schedules for all users) on the Gallery Admin portal. I hope the development team has a change in heart and make this feature available soon.