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Add the ability to prioritize Apps for Curators

I'd like to request the ability for the Curators to change the priority on Apps in the Gallery.


Today we have a system where users are not allowed to set the priority on workflows. The Curators change the priority of scheduled workflows based on workflow runtime/ business need by going to Gallery Admin> Jobs> Scheduled Workflows, and then editing the schedule priority.


The problem that that we have a numbers of Gallery Members/ Viewers that run Apps through the day that are very fast to run, but depending on how big is the queue they can several minutes/ hour until a spot is free to run.


If would be very helpful to get a better UX if the curator can choose which apps should have a higher priority to run.




Mauricio Estevez

8 - Asteroid

+100 This feature needs to be implemented.  This is a major issue for single node server environment where there are long running scheduled workflows and fast running apps that generate reports and other output for users.  The response time needs to be high for users.  The Curators (and potentially Artisans) should be able to set the default priority to be used when a user runs the app.  Ideally, this would be seamless and nearly invisible to the user.