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workflows - create new credentials - workflows


Dear Community,


I want to add new credentials workflows. In the gallery, I add mon account (Active directory) but it never ends and I did not receive an error message. My username should be like Domain\login or login without domain? (I trid both and same result)

I have attached a screen shot.


Best Regards


Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



If you are using the Built In option for your Server it is just your email address. If you are using Windows Auth, then it is your domain\login. If you are using Windows make sure you domain is correct.




Hello thanks for your reply


yes i am using windows authentication and I put my own credentials with domain/username but still stacking in  validating since hours..


Is it maybe a bug?


How can I get a support team for a webex please?


Many thanks in advance





Did you manage with validating process during set up workflow credential.

We have also the same problem. Validating user credential takes hours ...


Thanks in advance.