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workflow exceeded maximum runtime of 30 seconds and was cancelled.

@simon Thanks so much for following back up with that solution! We just came across the same problem and your solution fixed the problem after we restarted the alteryxservice on our server.


@anand In case you haven't tried it already, restarting the alteryxservice was necessary before the change took effect. That config file must only be loaded up when the service first starts. 


you are welcome. Just remember that you may have to edit this file again AFTER you perform an Alteryx Server upgrade because this file will get overwritten. I just found that out and I had to look for my own post again. ;) So add this to your to-do list! 





Why?! Why is this the "answer"? :)


I can't understand why we'd want the server to limit chained apps to 30, 60, 120, .... seconds at all. Can't it just use the same defaults set for all apps/workflows?