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workflow cannot connect to Network drive

7 - Meteor

Hi all,

Can any one help me on this,


I have two user accounts- user(local desktop) and admin(windows server( Alteryx server)), while saving a workflow from local desktop to gallery,it is Showing an error :" Cannot access the folder \\\(network UNC Path". I have access to network drive from my local desktop user ID and not with admin user ID, is that the reason causing the error ?
Which user id gallery uses for running workflows at the backed in gallery?





Hi @pk1,


The UserID that will be used is the one in the 'Run As' config screen under System Settings.

7 - Meteor

Hi @KaneG


Thanks for the reply, We didn't setup Run As User setting in server. But after giving Network drive access to my Admin account I'm able save in gallery and Run.

Do workflow credentials option work while saving workflow even after enabling Run A user setting in Server.