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scheduling a workflow to an Alteryx server from a local Alteryx designer

6 - Meteoroid


When scheduling a workflow to an Alteryx server from a local Alteryx designer, what needs to be done with database connections?

1) Need to be configured with system DSN''s rather than User DSN's.
2) Should use Aliases of the same name on both the local and server machines.
3) Can connect using different user credentials on the designer and server-side.
4) All of the above

what's the best answer here?


14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hey @Muhammad_Arqum !


The correct answer here is 'it depends'. You can go a couple different ways. If you have control of the server (ie you are an admin) or you can work with the admin then one way is to create DSNs on both machines (Server and your desktop). That is a way to do it but I would argue that is probably not a good way as in a large organization it would mean that everyone would need that on their machine. 


Another way is to create DSN-less connection strings following this:


Another way is to create the connections on the server using the data connections feature here: 


You could also use InDB connections as well! 


I would try each out so you know they all work and it provides a good learning opportunity. Then you can choose which method you prefer! 

Joshua Burkhow - Alteryx Ace | Global Alteryx Architect @PwC | Blogger @ AlterTricks

1) not required, but a best practice. a User or System DSN just defines who can see a DSN when logged into a machine. if the Server's run-as account can see the same DSN name as your workflow asks for, it technically works both when the DSN is User or System type set up on the Alteryx Server. It is recommended to use System in the event you want multiple run-as accounts to use your DSN.


2) yes, this is a REQUIREMENT if you expect your workflows to run on the Server without altering the input configuration every time you upload to the Gallery.


3) yes but only sometimes:
I have only come across the ability to have different database credentials for login between desktop and server when the DSN is set up with "use Windows authentication" or some variation of passthrough credentials which would allow different credentials based on which System account is running the workflow.
when the DSN itself has the username and password saved in Windows ODBC config, and it is different between Desktop/Server machines.