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process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello everyone,


I have come across situation wherein on every run of Alteryx workflow gives error "the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (32)" in the output tool even though there is no instance of excel file is opened.



1. There is no instance of excel is opened

2. Running this workflow on the local system.

3. Same workflow was running fine earlier and there is no change in the system configuration

Earlier all my workflows were running smoothly, any suggestions??


Hi @Avinesh 


Some times working with Excel can be really tricky.


You mention you are running it on the local system, are you outputting to a local drive or a network drive?


If the latter this can be caused due to a little bit of network latency in the way Alteryx streams the data to Excel.


In the drop down box for File Format, if you see Microsoft Excel Legacy please try that, if you don't see that please follow the post in here


If that doesn't work let me know

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @JoeS ,


The workflow outputs the data in the local drive only. 

Yes, it worked with File Format : Microsoft Excel Legacy but the run time of workflow is increased significantly. 


As of now I am proceeding with this. 


Hi @Avinesh 


I am glad we managed to get it working, but a little upset it's now slower for you.


Would you be able to share the workflow and I can test my side to see if I can replicate the issue you had?




Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @JoeS ,


Sorry for late revert. 


I may not be able to share the workflow as it is in the client environment.

Since it looks like some driver issues either w.r.t. Alteryx or Excel drivers, I am in process of reconfiguration of the same. However I will keep you posted here in case it works after this.