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alteryx chef cookbook giving error

Hi Team,

I am trying to codify Alteryx server installation with Chef. I am using the latest available version form chef super market and 2020x installer for installing. I tried with 


alteryx_server_package 'Alteryx Server' do
source ''
version '2020.4.5.12471'


I am receiving below error while trying to converge:

Recipe: alteryx-server::default
* alteryx_server_package[Alteryx Server] action install[2021-01-06T20:40:20+00:00] INFO: Processing alteryx_server_package[Alteryx Server] action install (alteryx-server::default line 7)

Error executing action `install` on resource 'alteryx_server_package[Alteryx Server]'

undefined local variable or method `source' for #<#<Class:0x000000000dd8ee58>:0x000000000c70b1b8>
Did you mean? pkg_source

Cookbook Trace:
C:/chef/cache/cookbooks/alteryx-server/resources/package.rb:27:in `block in class_from_file'

Resource Declaration:
# In C:/chef/cache/cookbooks/alteryx-server/recipes/default.rb

7: alteryx_server_package 'Alteryx Server'

Compiled Resource:
# Declared in C:/chef/cache/cookbooks/alteryx-server/recipes/default.rb:7:in `from_file'

alteryx_server_package("Alteryx Server") do
action [:install]
default_guard_interpreter :default
declared_type :alteryx_server_package
cookbook_name "alteryx-server"
recipe_name "default"

Any pointers on how to fix this?


we use Chef version chef_version=15.8.23.




8 - Asteroid

Interesting! I have been managing Alteryx Server for more than 3 years now and this is the first time I am coming across installation of Server through Chef. I just did a quick read on Chef Client. 


From your experience, could you please share details on how did you enable Chef in your Windows environment ? how can I get started ? 

and what are the benefits of Alteryx Server installation through Chef that you have realized ? 



18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @sriram_mantravadi 


Since this is an issue with Chef and not Alteryx itself, you may want to try looking for answers on the Chef community



Not exactly Dan. This to me is a bug from the Publicly available Alteryx Cookbook which is not supporting a version and specific URL to take as its `source` and install it.


I need ASAP help on this as security and standards within Airbnb doesn't support GUI installation and to my knowledge Alteryx Server installation doesn't support silent installation from cmd for me to go ahead and install using chef resource `windows_package`. 


Appreciate if you or someone from Alteryx IT who is responsible for Chef automation look into this and address the issue.


My CookBook code:



alteryx_server_package 'Alteryx Server' do
  source ''
  version '2020.4.5.12471'
  options '/s'




While converging `Alteryx-server` cookbooks is defaulting to the GitHub version of 11 which is no where mentioned or forced from my side.



[2021-01-12T22:33:28+00:00] ERROR: Server returned error 503 for, retrying 1/5 in 4s
[2021-01-12T22:33:33+00:00] ERROR: Server returned error 503 for, retrying 2/5 in 7s
[2021-01-12T22:33:40+00:00] ERROR: Server returned error 503 for, retrying 3/5 in 11s
[2021-01-12T22:33:51+00:00] ERROR: Server returned error 503 for, retrying 4/5 in 25s
[2021-01-12T22:34:16+00:00] ERROR: Server returned error 503 for, retrying 5/5 in 56s
[2021-01-12T22:35:12+00:00] INFO: HTTP Request Returned 503 Service Unavailable:
[2021-01-12T22:35:12+00:00] WARN: remote_file[C:\chef\cache\package\AlteryxServerInstallx64_11.7.4.37815.exe] cannot be downloaded from 503 "Service Unavailable"

        Error executing action `create` on resource 'remote_file[C:\chef\cache\package\AlteryxServerInstallx64_11.7.4.37815.exe]'

        503 "Service Unavailable"

        Compiled Resource:
        # Declared in

        remote_file("C:\chef\cache\package\AlteryxServerInstallx64_11.7.4.37815.exe") do
          action [:create]
          default_guard_interpreter :default
          source [""]
          cookbook_name "alteryx"
          checksum nil
          headers {}
          path "C:\\chef\\cache\\package\\AlteryxServerInstallx64_11.7.4.37815.exe"
          rights nil
          deny_rights nil
          verifications []

        System Info:
        ruby=ruby 2.6.5p114 (2019-10-01 revision 67812) [x64-mingw32]





Silent installation try which didn't took the parameter values and went ahead with defaults:


C:\Alteryx>AlteryxServerInstallx64_2020.4.5.12471.exe /s /v controller_enabled=configPropertyValue /logging_enabled=true /logging_path=D:\Alteryx\Alteryx\GlobalWorkspace\Service\AlteryxServiceLog.log /cleanup_queue_inputs_time_to_live=0 /cleanup_queue_time_to_live=0 /cleanup_scheduler_time_to_live=0 /embedded_mongo_db_enabled=configPropertyValue /embedded_mongo_db_root_path=C:\Alteryx\Alteryx\GlobalWorkspace\Service\Persistence\MongoDB /gallery_enabled=configPropertyValue /logging_file_max_size=10 /logging_rotation_enabled=true /logging_severity_threshold=7 /map_tile_disk_cache_max_size=2048 /map_tile_mem_cache_max_size=10000 /map_tile_reference_layers_time_to_live=86400 /mongo_db_enabled=false /mongo_db_server_name=localhost:27018 /mongo_db_user_name=user /scheduler_auto_connect_enabled=true /web_interface_staging_path=D:\Alteryx\Alteryx\GlobalWorkspace\Service\Staging /quality_of_service_min=6 /queue_worker_enabled=true /render_worker_count=3 /render_worker_enabled=false /staging_path=D:\Alteryx\Alteryx\GlobalWorkspace\Service\Staging /thread_count=30 /use_local_server=configPropertyValue /authentication_type=BuiltIn /base_address="https://"+node[hostname]+"/gallery" /logging_path=D:\Alteryx\Alteryx\GlobalWorkspace\Logs / /smtp_enabled=true /smtp_port=25 /ssl_enabled=true /working_path=D:\Alteryx\Alteryx\GlobalWorkspace\Gallery /qn


Hello Revathi,

Chef is a software automation tool that helps in automating installation instructions. You would need a chef-server or check workstation on your local Mac and then come up with a cook book to instruct chef on how/where/what to do.

At Airbnb, we use Terraform to spin up our AWS/GCP instances and Chef server (Licensed) to converge a specific installations based on roles we create during terraform spin up of instances.

Benefits of chef is you don't need to install manually and make mistakes. once the config/secrets are designed and tested no matter how many times the instances are trashed/crashed. Chef can bring up the installation and make sure Its up and running within no time.

Hope this helps.


Hi there,


I'm far from a Chef expert but one thing I noticed about your code is it references an older version of Alteryx. For example, in the line:


[2021-01-12T22:33:28+00:00] ERROR: Server returned error 503 for, retrying 1/5 in 4s

it's attempting to call Alteryx version and the corresponding Server install exe file. 


You might have already tried this but have you tried changing these lines with a more updated version or your version of Alteryx Server? I don't think Alteryx 11.7 is supported anymore.