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Writing to a different server than the Alteryx gallery

7 - Meteor

At my company we have a box with all our users accounts with Alteryx Designer on it which users have to remote desktop onto. We also have Alteryx Gallery on a separate server with a different IP address. Is there a way a job scheduled on the gallery server can write back to the local server that the users have access to?

We also have a localhost gallery account that sits on the same server as the Alteryx designers which could write back to the shared locations that the users had access to but they have chosen to discontinue this very soon, so we have scheduled workflows that were writing to shared folders that no longer work on the new gallery.

Any help with this would be much appreciated!

10 - Fireball

Have you checked to ensure that the "Run As" credentials on the Alteryx Server has access to the network drives your end users have access to? Also you may want to ensure your paths are UNC instead of a lettered drive.