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Workflows path on Alteryx Server


Hello Community,


I need the exact path for created workflows on the gallery but no vain

I think that every time I save a workflow the path change in the cache

is there any unchangeable location where i can find my workflows please?


I need to run after a workflow after the first one succeeded but if i changed the firs one, the second one will loose this relation :(

Any help will be appreciated




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @asma_rez 

I'd recommend using the Crew macros (Runner and Conditional Runner tools) to get this job done.


Get the macros from:


Hope this helps





I am also having the similar challenge , I am trying to read file from my network drive (G Drive where I have access) and when I am publishing this file to Alteryx Gallery , the path is changing from Network drive to something else, and then if I run the workflow from Gallery, it does not read the data from my network drive.


Note: I can run the workflow from desktop successfully by accessing file from G drive.


Could you please let me know, how we can avoid the path changes while publishing the workflow to gallery.


Note: I have specified my credentials to run the workflow so that workflow can access the files from network drive.


Please see the screen shot attached.




@cheerspankaj  @asma_rez  Check out this KB article. It appears to me that your files are getting "packaged" when you save them to the server. Packaged files live in the external folder. Once they're packaged, there is no option to unpackage. You'll need to repoint that input and output to your network path. You'll also need to UNC it. You can easily do this by going to options >> advanced >> workflow dependencies and changing the network path to UNC there. Then use that KB article to make sure you don't package it when you save it to the gallery. 


Hi @patrick_digan @aguisande 


Thank you for quick reply, appreciate it, though the KB article was not very clear about how to manage assets so that the package path/temp alteryx server path can be avoided to be exported to Gallery but it does help me to try different options and finally I was able to run the workflow from gallery using G drive input and output file location.


Please see below the steps which worked.

1) Navigate to Options > Advanced Options > Workflow Dependencies 

2) Edit the file locations : set the network directory path , click UNC an verify the full path, click ok and come out of this window.

3) Make sure the input and output file location in the configuration window is reflecting the network path.

4) Navigate to Options> Export Workflow and check/select the input and output file path ( should show the same as network path for input and output file).

5) Click Save and come out of this window.

6) Now start the workflow publish steps: Save as > Gallery 

7) Click Manage Workflow assets and uncheck the path here, the path will be included as saved during workflow export steps ( somehow if the path is checked here, it does not work).

8) Click Set workflow credentials and choose option " Always run this workflow with these credentials" , this option is helpful when you dont want all users to give access to network drive and only your user is able to access the file from Alteryx server.

7) Save the workflow to publish.

8) Run the workflow from Gallery and verify the output files created in the server output directory.