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Workflow fails in Alteryx Gallery - General error: Unexpected exception has been caught

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I have a quite long workflow in our private gallery which runs perfectly well on small datasets (less than 1 hour of run).


It retrieves data from an IBM DB2 server, stores it in Impala/HDFS, does some processing and then final result stored in Impala again.


When the same workflow is run for larger datasets (6-10 hours of processing), it fails while creating some of the impala tables with the following error message:


Executing PreSQL: "CREATE TABLE ..." : [Cloudera][ODBC] (10000) General error: Unexpected exception has been caught. (Tool Id: 416)


Have you experienced such a behavior before ?


Having tried a number of remedial actions, like optimizing the size of the datasets, recreating the DSN used, upgrading the Impala ODBC driver to a recent one, recreating new in-DB connections, etc.. I still have the same message.


As I am using Kerberos with SSPI, the only track I believe can explain this is the one of Kerberos ticket expiry given the lenght of the workflow execution.


Is there any option to ascertain the Kerberos ticket obtained by Alteryx server remains valid even after 10 hours of run? If not, is there anyway to manually inquire for a ticket with a longer validity that Alteryx server would then use ?


Many thanks in advance for your help


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14 - Magnetar

My condolences on using Impala.


Seems like it could be a ticket expiration issue.  Although, unless someone is manually refreshing that ticket it probably isn't.


I would suggest start with your Impala admin.  See what the session timeout is set at.


Hi @lookman,


It seems that the Kerberos ticket expiry can be set on Windows side. You might need help from your IT for that - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/security/threat-protection/security-policy-settings/kerbero....



Michael Adler
Sr. Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.

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Thanks for the condolences wishes. Cloudera/Impala seems to not be somethng Alteryx particularly cherishes.


New idea on Kerberos ticket auto renewal submitted.


Kr, Lookman




Hi @lookman ,


Have you tried using the Windows Task Scheduler to refresh the tickets automatically after every 10h, before running the workflow? 




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Good guess mutama. I should probably try that. Unfortunately, I do not have admin rights to generate keytab file from Active Directory power shell or schedule a task on the server.


Workaround so far has been to load file via HDFS (regular alteryx output) and via SSH in the run command tool of Alteryx generate a json schema and a create a table attached to the HDFS. Much faster than writing impala directly from Alteryx.