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Windows AD to SAML

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I'm migration our server instance from Windows AD to SAML. We got the SAML authentication working on the server and created a new MongoDB for the SAML instance however I am not sure how to proceed in migrating app packages from the old AD mongoDB to the new SAML MongoDB.


Any help would be appreciated. 


@mieszczak With 2018.4 and higher it is possible to migrate workflows from one server to another using the migration API endpoints. This would be the only option available to migrate the workflows from one database to a new one. The other option would be to have all of the users manually republish each of their workflows. 


Please keep in mind that the workflow migration process only moves the workflows from one environment to the another. It does not migrate users, schedules, results, or any other information. If you are interested in attempting to utilize this functionality you would need to bring the server back up with the original MongoDB and auth type, mark the workflows for migration, and export all of them using the API. Then you would need to swap to the new auth type and associated MongoDB, and use the API to import those workflows. More information on the process and details of the API endpoints can be found in the help documentation and the following KB article.