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Which Alteryx Server version Should I use?


Hello Community,


Is it recommanded to install the last version of Alteryx server? or Should I  Choose from previous tested ones?


Many thanks



I recommend the most recent version.  Here is a link to the release notes of new features available in the latest release.




Alteryx does one major product release per quarter and then releases patches/fixes throughout the quarter as necessary.


As noted above, the release notes page has a lot of helpful information about the status of each release.


I generally recommend staying as current as possible, staying on either version N or N-1 (where N is the current version). As you can see, we GA'd 2018.4 on 11/14/2018 and then released a patch about a week later. 


I would recommend reviewing the known issues and if there are none that affect you, go with the most current version.