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Where do I add "New User" in 2020.3 Gallery Admin?

6 - Meteoroid

Good afternoon / Evening / Morning 


This sounds daft but I can't add new users from Gallery Admin in Server/Gallery 2020.3. Other posts say there is a + sign on the right hand side buts not where I am expecting it to be. (just upgraded today)


I have tried it with two users - both CURATOR  and one of them is the default admin. For the life of me I just cant work out where to look next.  I know I will have missed something really obvious, please put me out of my misery.










Hi @ianjonna, question - does your Server utilize Built-In or SAML authentication, or is Gallery configured to use Active Directory? If using the latter (AD), note that users get added by visiting the Gallery URL - for 2020.3, here's the relevant part of documentation that covers this -


As a side note, whenever discussing Server Authentication methods, it's good to call your attention to the following - 

Server doesn't support changing the authentication type after configuration. Doing so might compromise Gallery functionality.


You can find this note on the Gallery Authentication Configuration page, just wanted to pass that along in case you weren't aware.


6 - Meteoroid

Bri, that's awesome, thanks for that.


We're AD as you suggested, nice one buddy 🤓. Some of my colleagues surfed to the gallery this morning and it works a dream.


Very grateful, Jonna 😁