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Using embedded MongoDB database to deploy a replica set

6 - Meteoroid


Can we use the embedded MongoDB database to deploy a replica set if we have decided to scale out the persistence layer of the Alteryx server to support redundancy?



14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hey @Muhammad_Arqum 


You might be able to but in my opinion I wouldn't do that. It's too risky and frankly too much work if you don't have to. Best way to go forward is to send an email to so you can have an engineer walk you through what needs to be done. 

Joshua Burkhow - Alteryx Ace | Global Alteryx Architect @PwC | Blogger @ AlterTricks
8 - Asteroid

As Alteryx usage in your organization grows (I believe Alteryx suggests more than 100 users - please check with your CSM), you would want to consider moving away from Embedded Mongo to User Managed Mongo. 


User Managed Mongo in Linux environment allows you to setup replica set easily and we have benefited immensely through this setup which  - provides redundancy and high availability.