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Unable to translate alias whne I use CReW macros of runner

6 - Meteoroid

Hi there .


I published work-flow[B] that including "runner" macro for run connect db work-flow .


After running work-flow and I checked log that write out from runner macro's log.


It said

"Error : Unable to translate [alias-name]."


However I published work-flow[A] that only use input-file with aka(alias) db-connect . And it was worked.

So I think call work-flow through with runner macro gonna be "unable to translate alias" , But I don't have any ideas for pass this issue.


I want let me know , if you guys know how it pass.



both work-flow work-flow[A] and work-flow[B] can work in local alteryx designer .

That issue happen only in alteryx gallery.


Best regards.

6 - Meteoroid