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Unable to run macro with VB scrips from Alteryx Server (Gallery)

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Hi. We have set of macros with us for which the input & the macro with VBA code is saved in a common point. When we try to execute the macro through Alteryx Designer the macro runs fine without any issues, but when the same is saved to gallery and executed the status shows running for long time without any output.


We tried to use event option to see if that works, but no luck. After the set time the run will be marked as failed.


Can someone let us know whey we aren't able to run a standalone macro which has VBA code in it from the Alteryx Server/Gallery please ?


Appreciate your time and response.



Praveen Basani

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Bumping this up.

I have a similar problem, we coded a converter from .xls to .xlsx in VBScript, that uses an Excel object to do the conversion.

It works locally, and I double checked Excel is accessible from the Gallery, however when triggering the workflow from the Gallery, it does not do anything, it does not fail but just keeps spinning.


I suspect something is blocking the Excel object from being created but I can't figure why and if we can find a workaround?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @Gauthier_B  and @Praveenbasani,


Could you please test the solution provided below to see if it solves your issue: 


Source: https://superuser.com/questions/579900/why-cant-excel-open-a-file-when-run-from-task-scheduler


  1. Open Component Services (Start -> Run, type in dcomcnfg)
  2. Drill down to Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer and click on DCOM Config
  3. Right-click on Microsoft Excel Application and choose Properties
  4. In the Identity tab select This User and enter the ID and password of an interactive user account (domain or local) and click Ok




Paul Noirel

Customer Support Engineer, Alteryx

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Thank you Paul. We will check internally and get back to you on the status.

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Following to see if there was a solution

7 - Meteor

I know this a bit old but did this fix the issue.? I can't do this myself and need to request our IT department to perform this but want to understand if it actually resolved the issue.