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Unable to open file to read- Sever 2020.2.3

8 - Asteroid


We have recently upgraded our server to 2020.2.3 and we are getting the error below on one of the workflows,which use the tmp files. It just downloads a SharePoint file into a temp file, reads the temp file


Error: Dynamic Input (257): Unable to open file for read: D:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Engine\Engine_16784_54a89ea1fdcc48b5a93a8768860483f4_\Engine_12760_43399f55d2c54337a869a6bd099c34f8_.tmp


The workflow runs without errors in our other environment which is on 2019.3

There is no permission denied msg at the end of the error. It fails on gallery and also on the designer on the server. The running account has full permissions on the D:\ProgramData\Alteryx folder


Any help is greatly appreciated!




8 - Asteroid

@Sethmb  any idea about this issue? We have raised a support ticket as well Case # 00361237 but we haven't heard from alteryx. Can your team revert back to us before we upgrade our higher environment .Thanks