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Unable to open Alteryx gallery URL from my desktop machine - Can't reach this page

8 - Asteroid

Hi All,


I need urgent help on Alteryx gallery URL. I have setup one staging Alteryx server.

Also on server "http://localhost/gallery/#!apps/gallery" opening the gallery page.


We open the port and firewall open to get access the Alteryx gallery using local machine.


But it is still giving me the "Can't reach this page" error. I am using the URL http://hostname/gallery/ but it got failed. 

But we did the same setup for production server and it is working perfectly fine from local desktop as well.


Could you please help me where I went wrong.


I am using the gallery version server 2020.3.7


Thank you in advance.

11 - Bolide

Hi @alt_tush ,


Are you able to access the gallery interface using a web browser?


Also can you confirm if a Subscription/Private Studio got created for you on the Server.




8 - Asteroid

Hi Bolide,


Yes we have already created the Subscription/Private Studio on Server.

But we are not able to access the altery gallery URL using web browser.


Still I am not able to access the URL. 


Thank you for reply.


11 - Bolide


When you try to access the Gallery on the Browser, do you get the 'Cant reach Page' error or anything else?


8 - Asteroid

Hi Bolide,


I received the "Can't reach this page" with 


The DNS name does not exist.



Also I tried in chrome and internet explorer as well. But same error.