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TableauServer.Logout.yxmc (670): Record #1: Tool #5: Error transferring data: SSL connect




Has anyone gotten this error message using a publish to tableau server tool?

TableauServer.Logout.yxmc (670): Record #1: Tool #5: Error transferring data: SSL connect error (Tool Id: 1712)


I'm using publish to tableau server batch macro to upload multiple .tde data source into multiple different tableau project folders from Alteryx server.  This workflow worked fine when I tried to publish two different data into two different project folders in tableau server.  However, I received this error message when I was trying to upload 5 different data source into 5 different project folders in tableau server.  Each data source size is about 400MB to 800MB.


I'm wondering if this is due to the tableau REST API rate limit.  But I couldn't find a documents about the REST API rate limit publish data source into tableau server.







Are your 5 projects all on the same site on the Tableau server?  Are are you trying to publish across multiple sites at once?


A far as I'm aware there's no size limit on the Tableau API, but there is a time limit of an hour for the token.  So if you are publishing lots of data and your network connection is slow, it's possible that your token expired by the time you get to the 4th or 5th publish.


Hi @dataMack,


Thank you for your reply.  Those 5 projects are in the same site on the tableau server.  As you said, it's possible that the token expired when I tried to publish a lot of data into tableau server.  I wonder if I can modify the timeout setting on publish to tableau server tool.  According to this link, I think I should modify wgserver.session.idle_limit if the time out is the issue.


Thank you for your help again!







Howdy there @knozawa!


As a previous employee of Tableau and long-time Tableau user, if the issue is timeout related, I can affirm that what you'd need to change is the wgserver.session.idle_limit variable - there is no way to change this in the Publish to Tableau tool, as this is an API setting governed by Tableau Server, who issues the authentication token, not the tool requesting the token.


Based on what you've outlined, it does sound like a timeout issue, but the default value for this setting is 240 minutes - so unless your admin has lowered this or your process runs for 4 hours, that might not be the issue.


You mentioned a batch macro - is the Publish to Tableau Server inside of the batch macro? There might be a contention/lock out issue if the way you've incorporated the tool is starting 5 concurrent calls to the Rest API using the same credentials.


I would check the wgserver.session.idle_limit first, and if that doesn't look suspect, I would look at how the macro is organized.





Hi @ZacharyM,

Thank you for your reply.  That makes sense that the wgserver.session.idle_limit setting must be modified using the command prompt in the tableau server machine, not modifying the publish to tableau server tool.

Yes. The publish to tableau server macro is within the batch macro. I call one project at a time and each call gets new token, so I think the connection/lock out is not the issue.  But I could be wrong.

Batch macro.png


publish to tableau server batch macro.png
I've added a block until done tool right before the publish to tableau server batch macro and within the macro to avoid the timeout.  I will let you know how it goes.