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TLS Handshake Error Connecting Server 2021.4 to User Managed Mongo with SSL

6 - Meteoroid

I have been receiving the following error when trying to start the Alteryx server with an advanced connection string:


Mongo error: ""No suitable servers found: ''serverSelectionTimoutMS' expired" [TLS handshake failed]: generic server error"" code: <mongodb:13053>



  • I can connect when I use a basic config file for Mongo and a connection string without ?ssl=True and Alteryx Server runs as expected
  • Server version: 2021.4 on Windows 2019 server not FIPS enabled
  • MongoDB version: 4.4 on RHEL 7 in FIPS enable mode
  • Net config in Mongo (without the bullet points)
    • tls:
      • mode: requireTLS
      • certificateKeyFile: pem file
      • certificateKeyFilePassword: pass
      • CAFile: CA pem
      • FIPSMode: true


What I've tried


Let me know if there is anything else I can provide or any recommendations, thank you!!

9 - Comet

Hello @smithct4mn 


Check for Mongod locks and remove them before trying to connect to MongoDB.
Make sure to perform indexing post removal of locks.

6 - Meteoroid

Turns out this ultimately had to do with the certificates and config file.  I will potentially be writing a post about this in case anyone has my weirdly specific use case.  Thank you for the reply!