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Sum Cost 6 months before a reference date and 6 months after a reference date

8 - Asteroid

Hello! I've 2 data sources one with Project information and other with Financials information. Attached file is a dummy example of these 2 data sources.


Project: Has a bunch of columns but I've listed only the 2 prominent columns. Terminals and Close_date. 

Every terminal has multiple close dates associated with every project. 


Financial: Has a bunch of columns but I've listed only the 4 prominent columns. Terminals, Month, Year, $.  I've listed data only for terminal 12 and 2019 as an example. But Financial information exists for every terminal, month, year combination starting from year 2019 and beyond. 


I've joined both the sources to give one output with Terminals, Close_date, Month, Year, $. What I want to do here is for every terminal and close date combination, I want to look on the financial info and "sum $ 6 months before close_date" and "sum $ 6 months after close-date". For example on the Project tab, line 1 has terminal 12 and close date of 11/2/2020. So I want to look at financial info for terminal 12 and sum 6 months before 11/2/2020 and sum 6 months after 11/2/2020. This process needs to be repeated for every Terminal - close date combination. 


9 - Comet

This is off the top of my head, but I think you need a Multi-Row formula tool. Load the examples and take a look.