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Split the data into two lines only for one column and rest data on the same line

Requirement - We are in need of generating  report with 6/7 column out of which first column is Company Name & Its Website combined. While displaying data Website URL should be below Company Name and the rest of the columns should be on the same first row as Company name. Essentially first column needs to show Company name on first line and website on the next line 
Problem & Solution tried - 
1. Use of \n character with string concatenation - it did not work. 
2. With the use of adding spaces in between company and website using PadRight, we tried to achieve this but Alteryx is automatically showing record in the same row if the company name and website combined can fit in that column and it automatically ignores the spacing. If the column width (without spaces) cannot accommodate Alteryx shows it in a different row. But we need this behavior for all data. image (4).png

Try just hitting enter on you keyboard in between the quotes, as below. I have attached your workflow with the this for your reference . Hope this is what you expected