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Showing data set within analytic apps chain


Morning everyone!


I have quick question regarding data presentation in Alteryx Gallery once application chain are executed.


Currently I'm showing data as "preview" in drop-downs where I attached created in previous steps Alteryx Database Files (format Name-Value).


Is there any way to show data set together (for example as table) and below still have fields for User Input as normal application parts? (Text boxes, file browser etc).


I would like to get rid from drop downs to showing data from previous steps or at least make them grey (if possible) so user will know this field can not be modified and is only in read-only mode.


Any hints or workarounds will be much appreciate!

@Michal_Morrison How good are you with HTML?
You could use the Report Text tool in Expert/PCXML mode to write the page you want displayed. 
It's not the easiest.
Also not easy; you could rewrite the Gallery pages in ProgramFiles (assuming you have access).





Thank you for your answer and sorry for delayed follow up.


Additional problem is that I'm dealing with analytic app chain and I would like to present described data in step 2 and 4 from 6 workflow in total, so I assume I can not use report text functionality as it can be rendered only in last step, correct?


Alteryx Gallery solution is not possible to implemented - access is not granted to modify Program Files structure/files.


Normally, I was searched for something like Image input for Interface Designer, but unfortunately there is nothing developed in Alteryx yet for such cases.

@Michal_Morrison  It's rendered on the last step, but you can have each step save to a temp location and have the last step pull that data up for rendering.