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Settings Error


Im trying get an Alteryx Server up, but I'm failed.
If I choose MongoDB in database Type e get the problem show in the picture below:
falha1.PNGError using MongoDB database type


If I choose User-managed MongoDB and provide the information about my database, I get this error:
falha2.PNGError using

 I have trying every tutorial to solve this. I uninstalled and installed again... I need help.



Hi @jteixeira 


Do you have your own instance of MongoDB that you would want to use, or are you happy to use the one that Alteryx will install?


If the latter, can you please paste in the settings you have for: Controller > General and Controller > Persistence.


I'll then be able to advise from there.....


Hi @JoeS,
I can use my own MongoDB database.

 It is the controller persistence configuration




What version of Alteryx are you using, and what version of MongoDB is the instance you created?


I'd highly recommend initially going with a MongoDB installed by Alteryx. AKA the top of the two options (you may need to reset your controller token based on what you have done previously to get this to now work).


There is a guide here:


But it is a little out of date on the versions, but should apply on the whole as to what's needed.


I followed this tutorial and I get the error showed in second figure... I need other solution.
I have tryed the Alteryx MongoDB and I get error showed in the first figure.


I think it will be best to arrange a call with support in order to go through the settings and work through. 


Could you email to arrange.