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Setting Up ETL Process on Gallery

Normally when implementing ETL solutions with Alteryx, I tend to stay away from the Gallery, but I'd like to leverage the gallery as a maintenance/monitoring resource. The two big issues I am facing that I hope someone can help out with are:


  • Triggering workflows off success of other workflows
    • The only option I can imagine is changing a flag in the first workflow output that workflow 2 will be monitoring every few minutes before it triggers off the second workflow
    • Thought about using Runner workflows / Run Command tools but as far as I know those are disabled in the gallery
    • Tried to make them apps, but it seemed like when I scheduled the app to run as opposed to running it manually in the gallery, the subsequent chained workflows did not run
  • Publishing to the gallery
    • What is the best enterprise way to publish to the gallery?
    • I've taken a look at the API options available and I do not see any methods to push a workflow to a different environment


Any help is appreciated !






When you say Alteryx Gallery, are you referring to Or to a server that is specific to your organization?

This is important because you can enable Runner Workflows/Run Command within Alteryx Server if you own it yourself.
I think that a combination of Runner/Conditional Runner could potentially get you where you need to go in terms of multiple workflows being run.  You could leverage a database table/file in order to make this schedule configurable without redeploying your code.


With regard to enterprise Gallery publishing, features are currently somewhat lacking.  I have an Idea posted to add some options for publishing workflows via an API call or some coded/automated deployment method.

If you could star this post it would be greatly appreciated!

Our organization has leveraged our deployment of Alteryx Server by using a self-created .bat file template which leverages the AlteryxEngineCMD on server to execute jobs.  As I recall, there are options to add workflows to queue in Gallery via Command line as well - this could potentially provide some value for you.

If you need some pointers on diving into any of this, I'm happy to try and help where I can.


Hi Claje,


Thanks for the response! I am indeed using a Private gallery so you are right, I can in fact use the runners/ run command. The issue there is that I still need to provide those types of tools the location of the workflow I want to run. Do you have more insight into where these files are actually stored when you publish the workflow to the gallery? Are they in the same location and I could leverage relative paths? 


Right, most of the ETL environments I have deployed have either been built around .bat commands triggered on a scheduling software or simply alteryx scheduler (neither involving the Gallery). May have to resort back to that